Female Sensual Healing – My first giving of this gift.

For the privacy and protection of the recipient of sensual healing, (via my hands and spirit) I have only edited this to remove any personal point of reference that would betray confidence. I have received permission to post this in such a manner, and I am most humbled to have taken part in this couple’s transformation, and the true connecting of the feminine with the yin energy.

Husband and wife were both present and participatory in this ceremonial connection of heart, mind body, spirit, and vagina. The testimonial describes the feelings that the recipient had of receiving full-body orgasms and the aftereffects of this.

I am awed to possess such a powerful gift, and give thanks to those that teach this knowledge concerning vaginal pleasure.

Here is her testimony about her healing experience through a session with me that delivered amazing female ejaculation and full-body orgasms.


Dear Jay Vincent,

Holy mutherfuckin’ mary joseph and jesus h christ! (Well now that that’s out Word is telling me it’s a run on, I beg to differ.) My entire world has been turned right side up. =] No one will believe me how epic, how wonderful this experience turned out to be! I had no expectations of the encounter other than everyone would somehow benefit on some level. I suppose I did expect to have fun, at least, but other than that, no requirements, of course.

I told you I wanted you to take over, and you were there and you know what happened. You did your taking over and fireworks! BLISS! I wish we had less people and more time for sure. 😉 I had the most remarkable, ecstatic, almost psychedelic experience I could have ever imagined. The only period of time I felt more alive was the 48 hours I labored for my son, and the only pleasurable sensation that would even come close was dimethyltryptamine (DMT). I don’t know if you have ever partaken, if you haven’t you can trust; it remains “after what you shared with me” the most exquisite, immaculate, purely joyful experience I have ever been party to, true enlightenment. I don’t do drugs but I do partake in psychedelics and green occasionally. (I don’t view them as “drugs” there are a spiritual catalyst for personal growth and understanding the universe). I find what you shared with me to be very difficult to put into words. Incredible!

What a safe and healing place I found with you. I shed a massive weight off my spirit, with the added benefits of a prolonged full body orgasm! My senses were heightened and dulled simultaneously. The physical and spiritual planes were intensely extenuated and the mind finally turned off!!! I needed to submit, I wanted to. I was desperate to submit, in fact, I was desperate to strip my ego. I had little or no awareness of this need prior to you enraging my pleasure centers with your fabulous knowledge of feminine sensual pleasure.

After the experience I felt very blissful, relaxed, comfortable, empowered, accepted, safe, beautiful, loved: and all of those that I mentioned, I never truly felt completely, and I couldn’t imagine feeling them to that degree until you and last night =].

I have had my share of sexual experiences gone awry or experiences I didn’t want proceed without my consent. I don’t mean to be too personal, fuck it ya know, I think it’s important for you to understand what has taken place and what you did to help, truly, reconcile all of those disgraceful acts from my psyche. I have been taken advantage of sexually on several occasions in my short life. I have never been sexually brutalized or traditionally “raped” but I have been given two choices; go along with what I want or you will be hurt in some way or another. The perpetrators included four medical doctors, an xray technician, a dentist, more than one boyfriend on more than one occasion: all who must have felt overly entitled to my body; I said no they wanted yes. I was aged 7 through 21.

There is not always a positive response one gets for being seen as attractive or beautiful (as I have been told all my life that I am). For me, it has been a fucking liability, a self-esteem busting, self-conscious provoking drag through the mud. Those experiences left me feeling disconnected from reality and humanity. Those responsible for these experiences made me feel empty, ugly, and worthless; you name it, a no value piece of meat. When I became a dancer I took charge of my sexuality in a very profound way, I restored my honor by taking advantage of men in a similar way they took advantage of me except I turned the tables.

After the session with you, I feel I can see with much more clarity. I now see men as sacred beings who want desperately to be lovingly accepted by the feminine, just as desperately as I want to be lovingly accepted by the masculine. I see the sexes as equal. I see you as the catalyst for this; you were sweet and loving, professional and passionate. Lovingly sexy and sexual, gracious and humble and I feel as though you humanized the masculine for me for the first time in a very long time. You also graciously humanized the feminine for me, in a gorgeously accepting, loving and sweet manner. It was the most unexpected gift from you to have control stripped and replaced and washed over with grace and pure desire. <3

I have had orgasms that physically felt identical to the orgasms you gifted me with (maybe the other night was a bit more intense), but the physiological effects were stark and undeniable! I have squirted before, but not enough to wring the sheets out! I am still shivering occasionally almost 24 hours later, I trembled for over five hours after you went on your way, my senses were so alive and ecstatic I couldn’t stand the night breeze on my skin, so intense! I rolled around the bed naked and smiling and could not sleep; all I could do was smile and ramble about how amazing I felt, how enlightened and how grateful I was/am  =] I even felt sick when we went to drop you off I couldn’t believe the intense sensations; the car ride was over stimulating for my senses. I was, in fact, on a natural high I had no preparation for; I had no idea what I was getting into. I kept asking my husband if I was on something, I was in disbelief that just this session and your hands could do that to me!

What gorgeous space you created and you definitely opened so many possibilities for me and my husband both. I gave up control and it was positive, it completely erased the devastation of the times when I was forced to give my power up. I AM NOT A FUCKING VICTIM, ANYMORE! Tears are rolling down my face as I type this, and I mean what I say; I am a beautiful enlightened being with limitless potential for love and joy, there are no boundaries but those that exist in my mind the realty I live is the one that I create and I choose to create love, I choose to create beauty I choose the divine. This is real, it has been a couple days since the experience and I am feeling awareness, my body feels so different.

Very intense emotions are running through me and they are at this point approaching incomprehensible. The emotions show no sign of yielding it is a bit scary and I am trying my best to embrace it and let go and simply feel what my spirit is calling me to experience. My vagina is alive and wet ever since the session with you, I can’t stop imagining being there and feeling the rush of fluid pour down my thighs, feeling all those hands on and in me feeling the presence of so much masculinity and mmmm feeling the rhythm of your breathing on my neck as I came all over.

I am much more aware of individuals I find attractive and am lovingly undressing them and fucking each one in my mind’s eye. I have tried to repress this tendency in the past. My confidence is pure and I am unafraid to voice what I think or anything on my mind for that matter. My desires are more apparent and obvious to me. I am not fearful of anything at this point. I suppose I am a bit afraid of how long this sensitivity will last, the negative feelings are a bit draining and I don’t wish much to be around people unless I am loving on them or they are loving on me. I would recommend you tell women to mind themselves for a few days and maybe have a nice experience for themselves, to reflect and bask in the experience, go to the beach and read get a massage do something for mind and body.

My husband has planned several purchases of material on this subject.  I really do attribute the positivity of the situation to the training you received the attention to comfort and safety and pleasure were honored first and foremost and were paramount in the success of what my mind and body experienced. The code of conduct in relation to your sessions was honorable and made safety and comfort even more valid and fulfilled. I am certain of your sensitive nature and loving presence. You have changed my life: I am not fearful, I feel empowered on a level that has convinced me I didn’t know the meaning of the word prior to my experience with you.

Maybe I was just ready for it I was searching and longing for something but I didn’t know what. Enlightenment – it is so very exciting. I want to say thank you and be fucking careful who you share this with. This is very powerful shit.  I found it to be very intense and the results have been much longer lasting than I could have ever imagined, I still haven’t come down to earth, and yet here I am feeling more alive and connected to nature and more in tune with MYSELF than I ever have. Thank you once again for giving me this gift.
Camellia ~





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